Technical inserts

The SLM/DMLS technology allows the construction of mold inserts in an integral or hybrid way.

By combining traditional technologies for the base, and the powder coating, it is possible to get both cost reduction and conditioning efficiency.


Cooling is a problem almost always in the upper end of the inserts, where it is not possible to place copper plugs that would compromise aesthetics and reliability. The SLM technology allows to build only the critical area of the piece, starting from the rectified surface of a base made with traditional technology. Subsequently the obtained part is heat treated and finished with a machine tool, removing the few tenths of machining allowance, that are left according to process requirements.

Technical molding

Technical molding means the production of technical plastic components, i.e. the production of high precision plastic injection molds and the transformation of technopolymers (ABS, PC, PS, PSU, PEEK, PPS, PBT, POM, PA etc.) through injection molding for technical plastic applications such as shells, bottoms, covers, internal components etc. in a wide range of sectors.

Plastic Injection

Conformal cooling channels obtained
through SLM/DMLS technology
solve many problems in the injected molded parts.

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Light metal die casting

Performal® tool insert can be used
to solve most of the thermal related issues
in light metal die casting.

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