3D laser scan

Texer technical services

We perform inspections on physical parts with Hexagon laser scanning arm system and a dedicated software for reverse engineering.

We analyze the actual deviation between the object and its CAD model for the measurement and evaluation of the inevitable deviations due to any manufacturing process such as casting,
molding and machining machine tools.

As a result we provide a detailed measurement report. From the scanned shape of the object, we obtain the mathematical model that can be control with any CAD software, this technology well fits all those kinds of correction and conservation in many different sectors.

The object can be in any sort of material, shape and color. The proposed technology is commonly used in the field of product development, metrology, quality control of plastic components and casted parts



3D laser scan



Scan / hybrid Inspection 3d Laser
Inspection 3d laser hybrid



Laser Scanning 3d - Inspection Hybrid