Our vision

From the smallest detail to the bigger picture

Our technology is the fruit of research and pure experimentation. This is why today – after years of study and training – we are able to produce parts that are truly optimized, durable and perfected. This is made possible because of our ability to visualize, understand and analyze the entire production process and to identify the needs of each specific insert and find the best solution, which is the necessary solution.

Who we are

Perfection is in details

We invest in know-how.
That is why we experiment, perform our research and build a close-knit competent work group first. Only then we dedicate ourselves to production.

Today, with more than 10 years of experience, we are able to create inserts for molds with high-tech specifications.
Details are optimized, to reduce cycle time with complete control over temperature and potential deformations. Our inserts for molds with optimized thermoregulation guarantee maximum quality and the highest productivity, cost efficiency, and economies of scale objectives.

We have invested in know-how in order to provide tangible advantages to our customers.



Looking for the perfect form

Reduced molding cycles, maximum resistance, elimination of all imperfections, longer lasting.

We have created a complete system, with no weak points, able to satisfy all needs regarding the production of inserts for high-tech molds.

Performal is a unique process, inimitable because it is the output of a team’s work, operating in perfect synergy; a system that comprises people, knowledge, passion and an abundance of experience.
This is how we are able to attain the highest technological goals, whilst always seeking to achieve the perfect shape.


What is Performal


The added value of working together

Being indispensable for our customers.
This is something we have achieved by always putting people first - our employees, our collaborators, our suppliers and our customers - generating harmony and balance within a work team capable of transmitting know-how, skills and knowledge. Always able to find the solutions to every need.

It is thanks to this “Texer method” that we can achieve the highest quality, cost efficiency and optimization targets for our customers.