Thermo Fluid Analysis

Performal® tool insert are engineered on the basis of a thirteen year experience in conformal cooling channel design, but are also analyzed and verified with Thermal and Fluid-dynamics simulation software. 

We check the tool insert cooling channels to avoid problems such as hot spots, pressure losses, area with low cooling media velocity and cooling efficiency. Texer can analyze traditional cooling as well and can offer a comparison of the two systems.

Tradizional and Performal Cooling for Buble Fluid

Picture 01

Traditional Bubble cooling

Performal™ cooling channel

Tradizional and Performal tool insert

Picture 02

Traditional tool insert

Performal™ tool insert

Traditional Cycle time and Performal

Picture 03

Traditional cycle time: 58”

Performal™ cycle time : 34”

Traditional cycle time and with Performal

Picture 04

Traditional cycle time: 18”

Performal™ cycle time : 11”

Plastic part with traditional cooling and with Performal

Picture 05.1

Plastic part with traditional cooling

Plastic part with Performal™ cooling

Cooling Channels Tradizional Cooling Channels and Performal

Picture 05.2

Traditional cooling channels

Performal™ cooling channels;