Hot runner tool inserts

driven by Performal®

Hot runner tool inserts - Texer Design

The gate area is the hottest area of the mold and it’s tipically very difficult to reach with traditional cooling.

Visual defects are often caused by overheating around the hot runner tip area. The time required to cool the gate causes longer cycle time.

A Performal® tool insert with conformed cooling channels around the hot runner can solve and avoid many issues of molding process such as sink marks, deformations and cycle time.

The hybrid method allows us to combine conventional methods (milling, turning,...) with the additive process.
Traditional and innovative technologies (SLM/DMLS) are combined in order to maximize the cooling effect and minimize costs, leading to a complete solution of quality and time issues and a very short return on investment.

Iniezione Plastica - Hot runner tool inserts
(Performal cooling vs traditional cooling in a cosmetic packaging hot runner bushing)