Performal® is the complete system developed by Texer to meet every need of the production of tool inserts with conformal cooling for plastic injection and light metal die casting.

Being exclusively designed to solve thermo-related problems, Performal® ensures cycle time reduction, maximum strength, defects elimination and longer life-time compared with traditional technologies.



Operating steps


Selective Laser Melting/Direct metal laser sintering. Conformal cooling tool insert construction.

The SLM/DMLS technologies enable a geometric freedom that would be impossible with traditional tooling. Texer exploits these possibilities to build tool inserts with conformal cooling for better performance in light metal die casting and plastic injection.


Video demonstration

Technical plastic injection tool insert with conformal cooling.

Plastic Injection

Conformal cooling channels obtained
through SLM/DMLS technology
solve many problems in the injected molded parts.

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Light Metal Die Casting.

Performal® tool insert can be used
to solve most of the thermal related issues
in light metal die casting.

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Application examples

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Plastic injection   Light metal die casting


Material data sheet and general process data

Material Hardening Ultimate tensile strength (N/mm²) Yield strength (N/mm²) Hardness(HRC) Young's modulus E at 20°C (102N/mm²) Elongation at break (%) Thermal conductivity at 20°C (W/mk)
 1.2709  /  950 1.100  35-40  140  4,0  20 ±1
  Aging 490°   1.900 2.050  54  180 >2-3   20 ±1
  Aging 540° 1.550  1.650  48  180 >2-3   20 ±1

Hot-work steel: powder material for the production of functional parts and tool component for plastic injection and aluminum die casting molds. Mechanical and wear properties are similar to 1.2343 Baseplate materials: W720(1.2709), 1.2343.

X3CrNiAl12.9 Aging 510°  1.600 1.700  48-50  140  2 14

Hot work stainless steel: powder material for the production of tool components with high chrome content (12%) for food and medical packaging. Hardness and wear properties are similar to 1.2083.

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