Performal® tool inserts can be used to solve most of the thermal related issues in light alloy die casting molds.

Performal® ensures porosity reduction, cycle time reduction and long life time on critical tool inserts.



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Part benefits

in aluminum die casting

Porosity reduction

The thermal regulation of cores that are usually not reached by cooling channels helps in preventing the formation of gas porosity in the casted parts.

Impurity Reduction

The optimal cooling reduces the need of lubricants, enabling also lower draft angles.

Better dimensional tolerances and mechanical properties

Controlled cooling produces a tighter molecular structure thus reducing casting leaks and increasing tensile/yeld strenghts.


Process benefits

in aluminum die casting

Cycle time reduction

The unit cost of produced parts is decreased by cycle time and scrap reduction.

Soldering reduction

Quick solidification of molten material does not allow chemical reaction with tool insert steel.

Good durability

Cores with conformal cooling can withstand more shots than traditional parts because of optimal termal regulation. Performal® tool inserts prevent degradation of the part microstructure from being exposed to extreme  temperature of molten aluminum.


Case Studies

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Case studies


Material datasheet and general process data

Material Hardening Ultimate tensile strength (N/mm²) Yield strength (N/mm²) Hardness(HRC) Young's modulus E at 20°C (102N/mm²) Elongation at break (%) Thermal conductivity at 20°C (W/mk)
 1.2709  /  950 1.100  35-40  140  4,0  20 ±1
  Aging 490°   1.900 2.050  54  180 >2-3   20 ±1
  Aging 540° 1.550  1.650  48  180 >2-3   20 ±1

Hot-work steel: powder material for the production of functional parts and tool component for plastic injection and aluminum diecasting moulds. Mechanical and wear properties are similar to 1.2343 Baseplate materials: W720()1.2709, 1.2343.

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