Prototypes for Foundries


Sand casting molds

Texer collaborates with the German company voxeljet AG,  leader in the production of sand cores and mold packages for casting directly from CAD data. Especially cast parts in small batch sizes are very popular.

In the past, it used to be mainly automotive manufacturers and suppliers that required very small quantities of metal cast assemblies and components for testing and prototype manufacture. 3D printing was discovered as a superior technology for producing the required sand cores and molds.

At the moment the maximum build space available is 4000x2000x1000mm.

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Prototype Foundry Sand Texer
Prototypes Wax PMMA

Investment casting models

Voxeljet  supplies plastic models for lost-wax casting as well.

The parts are produced by applying a particle material (PMMA) in layers, which is bonded together with a binding agent. 

This innovative 3D printing technology provides complex parts with high quality surface finish and excellent dimensional accuracy. Using this organic material results in very low ash and zero pattern expansion, offering perfect burn-out characteristics, and is thus perfectly suited for investment casting, to give just one example.  Others include architecture art and product development.

The advantages of this system are short delivery time, high resolution and great build space dimension (1000x600x500 mm).

Casted parts

Texer collaborates with voxeljet AG to manufacture castings from CAD-data. By drawing on voxeljet’s patternless mold-making competence, this new approach saves time and money.

Together with the metallurgical and casting know-how provided by selected partners, we are able to offer uniquely effective range of services.

Prototypes Casting Sand Aluminium Cast Iron Magnesium Steel


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